Personalised One to One Photography Tuition

I am able to offer a personalised one to one workshop in a choice of locations that I know well in some very popular parts of the UK.
I will select a suitable location for photography to fit your needs and abilities, both physical and photography related based on my own experience and catering for your individual requirements and can meet you at the location on the day you choose at a time that will be arranged to suit the time of year (summer months give us more shooting time). Obviously you will have a choice on your preferred location depending on your locality and ability to travel.

From woodland to landscape and even wildlife I will help you find compositions and teach you how best to work with your camera settings to get the best from the conditions and help your photography and confidence grow. Although I will cover the technical aspects of the photography I will try and make things as clear as possible and not over load you with jargon.
Working with you at your own pace, keeping things simple and helping you to get more from your photography while improving your own compositional skills, talking through what you are seeing in a scene and giving you guidance on how to make improvements and how to spot them on your own.

​This workshop will give you the opportunity to build your own portfolio whilst learning new techniques and gaining confidence in the field. It can also be offered as a two to one option should you wish to bring a friend. Please contact me for more information.

Workshop tuition days are available starting at £95 per person, per day in the various locations I am able to offer. This includes the Peak District, Lake District and East Yorkshire. A £25 deposit is due at time of booking.

​If you have an area you would like to shoot outside of my normal locations, please get in touch as I may be able to accommodate something closer to you or your preferred area. This may increase the cost of the workshop due to travel requirements though.

Accommodation can be advised, and in some cases arranged but this will have to be paid for in advance of the workshop to secure the booking.
Personal use of a campervan or motorhome is fine, as this will be my usual method of accommodation so I should be able to help on a location to park up or advise a suitable camp site local to the workshop location.

What's Included?

The following is included while you are on the workshop:

  • A full day out, with little time restrictions getting the most from your camera.

  • Help finding compositions, camera settings and the reasons why the composition works.

  • Depending on the location and time of year, sunrise and sunset shoots are an option - weather dependent obviously!

  • Helpful instruction while in the field, including on the spot critiques and advice.

  • Use of a Polarising filter, ND filters and ND Grads if required. I have spare filters to try or use if you don't have your own, please inform me prior to the booking date if loan filters are needed on the day with your filter thread size.

  • Personal, relaxed chat about processing and photography in general and my non-orthodox approach to my images and why it works for me. I aim to give you the best experience possible and make the day as friendly and lighthearted as I can.

What’s Not Included?

The following is not included but we are happy to advise you on options, where appropriate:

  • Camera equipment - you are responsible for ensuring you have your camera and enough batteries to last the duration of the workshop and have memory cards available for use.

  • Travel to the location although we can provide advice on available options if required.

  • All meals and drinks are up to you. There may be a stop at a cafe for a break at lunchtime depending on location. It is advised you check with me at the time of arranging the workshop.

Insurance Considerations

Please make sure you have some cover before you arrive, I hold no responsibility for any gear lost or broken while on the workshops. This includes Public Liability Insurance.

YOU are responsible for ensuring you have adequate insurance to cover you for travel related issues as well as the specialised kit that you will be using during your time with me. This needs to cover you and your kit for things such as emergency illness whilst away, theft or loss of your kit, inability to travel due to illness etc. Policies are available for as little as £9 and you may already have some insurances in place through your bank, for example. Please check the level of cover carefully prior to travel, taking note in particular of any wording regarding photographic or specialist equipment.


All deposits are non-refundable and I do not offer refunds in the event of a cancellation except for in special circumstances such as family emergencies etc but re-scheduling would be the first port of call.

If I become unavailable due to illness or other emergency and are unable to provide the workshop you have booked then you will have the option to re-schedule or receive a refund.

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