Black And White Urban Photography

Taking black and white photographs of urban areas, especially older buildings, can be a highly inspiring pursuit. More than just street photography, with emphasis on the architecture and surroundings more than the people. I took inspiration from James R Burns and his work around the mills of Halifax and Saltaire in Yorkshire. This style of photography has a timeless quality that can capture the essence of a particular place or era. By removing the distractions of colour, the viewer can focus on the intricate shapes, patterns, and textures of a city's architecture. This technique requires a keen eye for detail and a deep appreciation for the built environment. Whether capturing the grandeur of skyscrapers or the quiet charm of a residential street, black and white photography can transport the viewer to a different time and place.

Nottingham Lace Market

My first attempt after seeing James R Burns do a similar project around Halifax was to visit our local city of Nottingham and see what the Lace Market area could offer me. A good start to a new project and somewhere that was familiar to aid with getting the shots.

Bollington Mills, Cheshire

Quite enjoying the feel that old industry gives to the project I set off on a hunt for old mills with some details and Bollington in Cheshire was the home to a couple of stunning examples right next to the Macclesfield Canal.

A morning well spent traversing the town visiting the mills and enjoying the canals was rewarded with some great architecture and stunning conditions which suited the photography perfectly and helped capture the mood I was looking for.

New Mills, Derbyshire

Another small town in the industrial heartland of the Goyt valley in Derbyshire's High Peak area, New Mills was once a hot bed of cotton mills with rows of cottages built for the workers. These days there's less industry, but it is home to Swizzels sweet factory so all is not lost!
So finding the link between the past and the present gave me some interesting shots and definitely a trip to remember!

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